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Ever wonder why we’re still using 1980’s model of doing real estate?

With today’s technology the only difference between a 300k listing and a 600k listing is double the commission for the SAME amount of work. The internet leveled the playing field so all listings are marketed the same way no matter what the price or what company you list with. Yes, even if they bring 90 pages of color printed marketing material to justify their fees. Real estate commission models are outdated because the real estate brokerage model is broken.  Most of their income goes to franchise fees, endless marketing to get real estate listings and agents, as well as wasted time chasing internet leads.  By the time the sale closes they need new business just to keep the lights on.

We’re pretty vocal about the flaws of it, check out one of our 5 minute message

We didn’t start this company to follow the traditional real estate brokerage model.  Anthony Grosso got his license to save on real estate commissions for his own investments and, through referral and by helping people, grew through word of mouth. Working for himself he created an efficient business and didn’t just copy what everyone else was doing.  While they were figuring out how to do less and make more, he’s figured out how to cut unnecessary expenses and spend more time with his clients. You wouldn’t believe how much time & money is saved by not advertising.

It’s a unique, bold and much more efficient way of doing business. Our only catch, we’re selective who we work with. We’re not knocking on doors and cold calling so we like to like who we work with and won’t take a listing just to have one. Give us a call before you decide to give up tens of thousands of dollars of your home equity for someone to put your house on MLS and run on to the next client.

We’re the only brokerage that offers Law enforcement, Firefighter & Military discounts. Browse our site & Facebook, you’ll get a good idea how we operate.

Spoiler Alert, we’re not a fan of salesy


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