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Ever wonder why we’re still using 1980’s model of doing real estate? Imagine if you were policing using the same technology and methods they did in the 80’s

Grosso Properties didn’t start as a traditional real estate brokerage. The founder, Anthony Grosso, was a police officer who got his real estate license because he saw the power of real estate as wealth builder and guarantee to retire comfortably when he hit his 20. Through referral ,and by helping clients in the police and first responder community, the company grew through word of mouth.  Paving their own way he created an efficient and full service brokerage dedicated to working with law enforcement. From agents to inspectors and attorneys we only work with other people we trust to look after our clients the same way. While most companies are figuring out how to do less and make more, we’ve figured out how to cut unnecessary expenses and spend more time with current clients as opposed to constantly chasing new ones.

Our approach to our law enforcement clients is unique. Besides the fact that none of us like being sold to, we have different schedules, security preferences and quirks we acquire from our jobs that we take home with us. No two properties are ever listed the same way, no buyers are ever shown houses the same way. We don’t have a cookie cut system and we adapt our process to fit your life.

We know your struggles, your worries and your future plans and we’re the only brokerage that exclusively works with law enforcement and first responders. Browse our site & Facebook, you’ll get a good idea how we operate.