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Find Your Hustle Find Your Motivation

Nov 02, 2016
Today we talk about Hustle, that internal drive that keeps you going and lets you crush obstacles and move mountain ...
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Making a Budget

Oct 29, 2016
We’re kicking off our Financial Warrior program with some audio casts. We’re trying to keep everything ...
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Real Estate is Risky

Oct 28, 2016
Every investment carries some risk, nothing is 100% guaranteed. There are hundreds of ways to invest in real estate ...
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Who’s Taking My Money?

Sep 23, 2016
Wow, we received a ton of positive feedback with our new class topics. So much so we decided to get a date on the c ...
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Taxes, taxes and then some more taxes

Sep 22, 2016
The middle class is getting squeezed more and more each day. The system that worked for our parents,working hard at ...
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First Time Homebuyer Seminar

Aug 29, 2016
Bidding wars are never fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the sellers or buyers side, emotions get inv ...
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New Services

Aug 23, 2016
In our continual quest to make real estate easier & more efficient our most popular real estate services are no ...
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Schedule Online!

Aug 21, 2016
We’ve been making some upgrades to our website & you can now setup appointments online! With direct acces ...
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Google Us!

Aug 15, 2016
Looking back at all the people we’ve been blessed to help through the years has motivated us to really grow what we’ve done here. Our services have always been unique and anyone who has wo ...
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Real Estate Ridiculousness

Jun 07, 2016
For the people that don’t believe me when I tell them how ridiculous some parts of real estate have gotten. Do Buyer Letters run afoul of the Fair Housing Laws? Buyer’s Letters could pose proble ...
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Growing Our Family

Apr 12, 2016
So it’s about that time, we’re settling into the new office and it’s time we grow our family. Like everything else we do in real estate our process is unique and by referral. It’s not related to how “ ...
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#1 First Time Home Buyer Mistake

Apr 06, 2016
Picking by Price Alone This is the number one issues buyers face when they let price dictate their search.  The fir ...
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