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Welcome to the 5 minute message, we’re helping people invest in themselves, make smarter financial decisions and sometimes just get a good laugh.

One of the biggest problems we encounter is people not having a financial education to help them through the real challenges of life, like creating budgets, understanding spending habits, learning about good and bad debts etc. Ineffective information is being passed down from generation to generation and most people get their financial advice from salespeople. What we’ve seen is a six figure salary on long island is barely enough to keep most people living paycheck to paycheck. And that’s before you start adding in the other costs of life, insurance, private school, college saving.

The financial advice given by advisers is all based on selling products, it’s something that was created for our parents and grandparents generation and it isn’t effective in the new economy we live in. Based on how much people worry about retirement I don’t think it really worked for them either. Our style is unique because all our our education is based experience so we’re able to keep things simple, humorous and connect with people using real life examples with everything being geared towards the middle class.

Why We Can’t Stand Salespeople

Dec 26, 2016
We did a 5 min video message today, quick little one about why we can’t stand salespeople.  2017 is going to ...
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Negotiation tips

Mar 14, 2018
Some great tips on negotiating. We’re quoted at #12. And being we just got an offer accepted that wasn’ ...
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You Need a Buyers Agent

Jan 05, 2018
I can picture exactly how you’re searching for houses. You’re searching on 3 different apps, which are ...
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Choosing a Realtor

Dec 13, 2017
Great article with 25 tips to think about when you’re choosing a realtor. Of course my blunt advice makes the ...
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Work your strengths

Aug 11, 2017
  You gotta spend more time working your strengths instead of obsessing over your weakness. And if ypu’r ...
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Top 8 people not to be at an open house

Apr 15, 2017
The message is back! Here’s the top 8 people not to be at an open house(especially one of mine). I’m al ...
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Digital Product #1

Mar 13, 2017
We get so many people asking how we got started and how we buy rental properties so we’re starting to share o ...
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Smart uses of technology

Mar 07, 2017
Following up to this weeks message about technology as a tool to be efficient not a replacement. I got a great stil ...
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What are you waiting for

Feb 16, 2017
There is no best time to start, no better teacher than experience. Momentum will beat over planning any day of the ...
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Educate yourself & Don’t take no ...

Feb 13, 2017
Today’s 5 minute message was more like 8 minutes, I had alot to say about TD Bank. Bear with the new format w ...
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Real estate slogans that gotta go

Jan 28, 2017
Real Estate Slogans that gotta goSet your DVRs, it’s a new 5 minute message…..Real estate slogans that ...
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Invest in your education

Jan 16, 2017
After hearing some of the financial advice people have been given we had to make this message. Your biggest investm ...
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