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Dream big, plan small

Jul 18, 2018
One of our big problems is we don’t dream big enough. We let others doubt and worries affect our imagination. It’s ...
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When one door closes

Jul 13, 2018
We’ve all been there, some opportunity doesn’t pan out, something you already have goes away. We know the saying “W ...
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Challenges & Life

Jul 11, 2018
How you do anything is how you do everything. Something I had to share because I truly believe our company wouldn&# ...
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Power in not needing anything

Jul 10, 2018
Imagine you wake up every morning having everything you already want? What does that feel like, what sort of things ...
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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Jun 27, 2018
At every speaking engagement for law enforcement and first responders I bring bulk copies of this book with a perso ...
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Book or Blog?

Jun 25, 2018
Dominate Your Life INTRO: Who am I? I’m no one you’ve ever heard about. I’ve never skyped with Tony Robbins. Gary V ...
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Negotiation tips

Mar 14, 2018
Some great tips on negotiating. We’re quoted at #12. And being we just got an offer accepted that wasn’ ...
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You Need a Buyers Agent

Jan 05, 2018
I can picture exactly how you’re searching for houses. You’re searching on 3 different apps, which are ...
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Choosing a Realtor

Dec 13, 2017
Great article with 25 tips to think about when you’re choosing a realtor. Of course my blunt advice makes the ...
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Work your strengths

Aug 11, 2017
  You gotta spend more time working your strengths instead of obsessing over your weakness. And if ypu’r ...
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Top 8 people not to be at an open house

Apr 15, 2017
The message is back! Here’s the top 8 people not to be at an open house(especially one of mine). I’m al ...
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