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Go to work. Save your money. Don’t go into debt. Get a secure job. Work hard and get promoted. Pay your taxes. Play it safe


All common advice from past generations. However, times have changed, we’re living in a different world than our parents. In the past 10 years we have seen the economy go through a recession resulting in a record loss of jobs.  We have witnessed vast changes in the marketplace, leaving many with a feeling of worry and doubt.  This lack confidence in the economy has grown as we witnessed some of those hard working generations before us have their hard earned savings get cut in half.  Years of hard work and savings lost.

Traditional practices advocate working long hours with the hopes of attaining raises & promotions.  But at a cost.  Long hours at work, result in less time outside of work.  Less time to spend enjoying the life you work so hard to attain. Years pass, as many hold onto the hope of retiring at 65 and being “comfortable” enough to finally do something they enjoy. Does anyone else think that’s a terrible way to spend your days?  

There has to be a way other than what traditions tell us to do.  The strategies for wealth, security and happiness that we’ve held onto for so long need to be broken.  But it won’t be easy.  We need to be strong to fight the current of commonality.  

Our personal mission to create financial warriors equipped for the modern world. Equipped to overcome the challenges of today. Challenges that previous generations never had to face.  

Working hard without direction, efficiency, and knowledge won’t change your life.  The road to success will not be easy. In fact, it will be a daily battle.  But it’s a battle you don’t have to face alone. 

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