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Always be looking for opportunities

Oct 05, 2018
One of the things we always come across his people talking about real estate loopholes. The word loophole implies t ...
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Landlording ain’t easy

Jul 30, 2018
This weekend I had a wedding of a best friend from high school and being in the bridal party, my day drinking turne ...
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Digital Product #1

Mar 13, 2017
We get so many people asking how we got started and how we buy rental properties so we’re starting to share o ...
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Why We Can’t Stand Salespeople

Dec 26, 2016
We did a 5 min video message today, quick little one about why we can’t stand salespeople.  2017 is going to ...
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Investing in Real Estate

Dec 14, 2016
We cover some common worries and misconceptions about investing in real estate. 5 minutes and a calculator is all y ...
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Tip of the week

Nov 03, 2016
Homebuying tip of the week: If we took a 500k neighborhood and purposely underpriced a house for 300k, educated buy ...
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Schedule Online!

Aug 21, 2016
We’ve been making some upgrades to our website & you can now setup appointments online! With direct acces ...
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Apr 04, 2016
We’ve got our first 2 seminars on the calendar! Limited seating so spread the word to anyone you think would be interested Buying your first investment property May 2nd 630 ...
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Inflation Impacting Your Assests

Jan 08, 2016
With the recent stock sell off mortgage rates fell back below 4% which is good news for buyers and anyone who still ...
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Know Before you Owe

Oct 29, 2015
As if the mortgage process needed to be any longer, any mortgage applications after 10/3 are going to be under the ...
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It doesn’t pay to wait on Mortgages!

Feb 03, 2015
Besides the typical real estate marketing of “!!!!!!! and BOLD COLORS!!, ACT NOW!” the numbers and math actually ma ...
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