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Retro checks- The game changer

Jan 04, 2019
I know retro is on everyone’s mind, what we got, what we should have gotten etc. What everyone needs to focus on no ...
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Always be looking for opportunities

Oct 05, 2018
One of the things we always come across his people talking about real estate loopholes. The word loophole implies t ...
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Landlording ain’t easy

Jul 30, 2018
This weekend I had a wedding of a best friend from high school and being in the bridal party, my day drinking turne ...
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Digital Product #1

Mar 13, 2017
We get so many people asking how we got started and how we buy rental properties so we’re starting to share o ...
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Investing in Real Estate

Dec 14, 2016
We cover some common worries and misconceptions about investing in real estate. 5 minutes and a calculator is all y ...
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Are All Your Assets Electronic?

Nov 06, 2016
Technology has made investing easier but you want to be cautious having all your assets being electronic.   &n ...
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Schedule Online!

Aug 21, 2016
We’ve been making some upgrades to our website & you can now setup appointments online! With direct acces ...
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