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Choosing a Realtor

Dec 13, 2017
Great article with 25 tips to think about when you’re choosing a realtor. Of course my blunt advice makes the ...
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Work your strengths

Aug 11, 2017
  You gotta spend more time working your strengths instead of obsessing over your weakness. And if ypu’r ...
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Top 8 people not to be at an open house

Apr 15, 2017
The message is back! Here’s the top 8 people not to be at an open house(especially one of mine). I’m al ...
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What are you waiting for

Feb 16, 2017
There is no best time to start, no better teacher than experience. Momentum will beat over planning any day of the ...
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Educate yourself & Don’t take no ...

Feb 13, 2017
Today’s 5 minute message was more like 8 minutes, I had alot to say about TD Bank. Bear with the new format w ...
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Real estate slogans that gotta go

Jan 28, 2017
Real Estate Slogans that gotta goSet your DVRs, it’s a new 5 minute message…..Real estate slogans that ...
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Invest in your education

Jan 16, 2017
After hearing some of the financial advice people have been given we had to make this message. Your biggest investm ...
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Changing the real estate model

Jan 07, 2017
Real estate myths, hep c, al qaeda we have it all in today’s 5 minute message. Welcome to the 2017 version of ...
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Why We Can’t Stand Salespeople

Dec 26, 2016
We did a 5 min video message today, quick little one about why we can’t stand salespeople.  2017 is going to ...
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Investing in Real Estate

Dec 14, 2016
We cover some common worries and misconceptions about investing in real estate. 5 minutes and a calculator is all y ...
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5 Min Message Expanded

Dec 05, 2016
If you’ve been following us for some time you know a big issue of ours is the attack on the middle class. You know, ...
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Relative Income- The Time Money Trade

Dec 02, 2016
Today we talk about relative income and break down your yearly salary into hourly pay and then adding back in the t ...
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