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We have done things a little differently at Grosso Properties. We are more apt to be called real estate coaches, because we guide our clients through the real estate sales and buying processes in a manner that perfectly matches their unique personalities.
At Grosso Properties we don’t want to “sell” you a property in the traditional sense of the term. You might say that our approach to real estate has been focused around the mentality that each relationship with a client is more important than the sale. All too often the real estate world treats “selling” as the act of convincing someone of something. Instead of spending valuable time and resources convincing buyers to make a decision, we dedicate our efforts to provide you with the data, the market particulars, and our years of experience to allow you to naturally make the decision to purchase a home in Nassau or Suffolk County.

Also, one of the bigger things to us is educating our clients. It’s not all about buying & selling houses. We offer a variety of classes and seminars geared towards the middle class and the problems we face. 

As you take the time to get to know the Grosso Properties’ team, we invite you to contact us to discover a real estate experience that will make you feel as if you have a coach, concierge, and your biggest fans all in one place.

While Grosso Properties is comprised of some very impressive individuals, it’s always a team effort when it comes to client services.


Grosso Properties is always willing to try new and innovative techniques during open houses. Here is Anthony Grosso holding a BBQ for attendees to a recent open house.

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