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When we were creating a logo I really wanted to capture the two parts of my life that shaped me. As much as I’ve always known I was an entrepreneur, 10 years as a cop didn’t happen without ingraining some of unique behaviors in me.

Like how I’ll forever face the door when I eat at a restaurant, always seem to know and gravitate towards other cops at a party and that no matter where I am I’ll always know my exits and my cover if the shit hits the fan.

From those years I also got an inside look into the different worries & struggles we faced. People think “oh it’s just 20 years and a pension” without understanding what you sacrifice on a daily basis. Besides the actual danger of every tour, you also don’t see the missed holidays, birthdays, stress and family strain that’s always there in the background taking a piece of you everyday.  That’s why someone who has never done it can’t truly understand it. I always managed to straddle a business and police world which is why this was the perfect identity for the company. It was never about sales, it’s about educating, trust and relationships that last way beyond a transaction.

When you see our logo you know you’re working people you can trust, that understand & support you. Let’s get you 20 and out & set you up to enjoy the retirement you deserve.