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Posted by Anthony Grosso on October 5, 2018
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One of the things we always come across his people talking about real estate loopholes. The word loophole implies that is some sort of scam for the rich but in reality it’s the government’s way of creating policy to drive growth. And there is something in it for everyone in it if you think outside the box.

What many people don’t know with the new tax changes is that they create an opportunity for people to defer capital gains and invest the profits in these “opportunity zones” mostly low income or stagnant areas. So someone with a million dollar gain will defer capital gains(among other benefits) if they take that profit and invest in other areas. The amount of money tied up in properties is massive so this one act will redistribute wealth around the country.
At our seminar we were just talking about how to decide what areas to invest in. Your goal should be to find areas in and around these economic zones because as other investors start taking advantage & start putting their money there you can expect changes in appreciation in the surrounding communities.

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