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Posted by Anthony Grosso on August 13, 2018
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Last week we were on vacation and my son doesn’t sleep well in hotels, he’s always up around 530am. I guess he likes to get an early start. So one of the things I always get to do is take him for an early walk. While I was away I had 2 people reach out to me about wanting to change careers and know how I did it. The last few months I’ve been getting at least one a week through all our social media posts.
Sometimes they can’t exactly pinpoint what’s not right but they know something is missing. Often they are considering following my path and getting involved in real estate. I guess a trait I found out I have is the ability to motivate the entrepreneur side of people that is always being suppressed. If you came to me with no money or experience but you had serious determination I know I could whip you up a plan and have you on your way to doing it. When people tell me they want to do something I truly believe they can. From hearing the different stories, one of the things I’m realizing is not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, run a business or leave a paycheck behind completely. And that’s what I wanted to touch on today because you don’t have to make drastic moves to change how you look at your life and happiness.

A few of the people that have reached out were law enforcement guys that also wanted to leave the job but don’t have any other pieces in place yet or even an idea about what would make them happy. Besides having a plan you have to know what you actually love to do. I know from the outside it looks like I wasn’t happy so I just left but there are a lot of “behind the scenes” work hours you didn’t see. I tried a bunch of things because sometimes things you think something will make you happy but the reality doesn’t match. And I think if I had put the pressure of running a successful business on myself too early I probably would have failed. In business things aren’t profitable from day one and that pressure is something that completely changes how you operate.

My advice for everyone, wherever you are on the happiness scale is to constantly evolve. Keep looking for things you love. Even if you already love what you do, always be working towards something, never ever sit still and stagnant. EVERYTHING will get boring and repetitive if you’re not being challenged.
And it doesn’t always have to be business, career or money related. It can be new hobbies, friends, clubs, sports or even self education. As soon as you stop challenging yourself that’s when you get bored. Get out in the world and do shit.
I was a dishwasher, a bus boy, front desk at a gym, daycare teacher,computer tech, EMT, volunteer fireman, personal trainer, stock analyst etc etc etc(serious I have alot more etc). Those jobs made me realize what I liked and didn’t like, that’s how I evolved into who I am today. From each job I learned more about myself and what made me happy. If you’re a waiter and you love it, figure out a way to be a manager, then take that experience and figure out how you can partner and open your own. Or if you hate it, go try something else. Just keep moving. It’s never quitting if you give up because you’re not happy, it’s only quitting when you give up because it’s hard.
Get your ass out there and try something new. Have a great week

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