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Posted by Anthony Grosso on July 18, 2018
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One of our big problems is we don’t dream big enough. We let others doubt and worries affect our imagination. It’s gotten to the point we don’t even try because we are conditioned to focus on all the stories of failure. We think other people, who are smarter and more talented have failed so why even try.

I love dreaming big, every year when we write out our goals we write some crazy things. And I keep every years worth to look back. I still have my original goal list from 2008. It’s amazing to look back at how far you come. For example, after leaving the job I wanted to add 4 new agents to our team. I had no ideas, nowhere to start so it was a crazy goal. Especially considering our company was only 6 agents. I was basically looking to double the company. A challenge enough in itself. I made a list of daily things I could do, places to go and things to keep in mind when I was out in the world. The funny thing is once we rebranded the company the tide completely changed. After speaking events people were coming up to me and asking to work with us.

I just revised our number, we’re already at 6 and looking closer to 15 new team members by year end. If I didn’t have the goal I wouldn’t have seen the opportunity.

Don’t be overwhelmed, you have to dream big and make yourself feel uncomfortable so it opens your mind up to seeing opportunities in places you never thought. Once I write out some daily steps that could work I relax, let it go and adjust as I go. Plans never work out exactly as laid out and that’s ok because there are hundreds of ways to get to the same place. I’ll also say the goal whenever I can fit it into a conversation. The more I say it the more power it has, the more I solidify it. Maybe it’s from years of doing goals that I know even if we don’t reach it, we’re going to be so far ahead of if we didn’t have a goal written at all.

For example, I know if I make a goal to grow 10% we’ll hit it without much stress. But if I make that goal 100% and my brain instantly clicks into overdrive to wrap itself around it. What I can tell you from experience is that no matter what happens aiming for 100% you will always do much more than dreaming small at 10%. That’s how you make progress year after year.

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