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Posted by Anthony Grosso on July 13, 2018
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We’ve all been there, some opportunity doesn’t pan out, something you already have goes away. We know the saying “When one door closes another one opens, or when God closes a door he opens a window”. I have 2 things I want to add to that.

1) First you always have to be looking for the next door or window. Most people just take defeat as the end result. Whenever I’ve had a bad investment, decision or been screwed over I always learn from it. Here’s the thing, we know the saying, everyone says it, everyone knows it although sometimes we still don’t. Your new goal is not to only learn from it but find a way to profit from it. For example, after 8 months of house searching, one of our buyers goes and buys a house for sale by owner. Hey it happens. Sure there are some lessons to be learned but don’t stop there. I’ll ask for a review, a picture of the house to use for my instagram & I’ll still send them a house warming gift and not wish termites rain down from the sky. I’m getting something for it, no matter how small.
Don’t just learn, get something! That one review or post is a potential seed for a new opportunity down the road. Maybe someone comes across you on google and sees that review, or they run across your social media, follow you, eventually becoming a client or a loyal subscriber. Don’t just learn from your mistakes, profit from them. There is something to be gained from every experience.

2) When that door closes, you get off your ass and start kicking down more doors. Use the rejection, loss or whatever to fuel your next move. You need disappointments to grow.
It took me over 2 years to be able to leave the PAPD. The idea was originally put into my head after I went to a psychologist to vent about my daily frustration with the job and my quality of life. All he said was, “why don’t you leave?”. That’s all it took for me to question the idea that I was ever being forced to stay. Yet every time I tried to move that ball forward I would hit another obstacle. The pension, the medical, my friends, the retired ID, losing an identity.

The first gut shot was the health insurance, I had no idea our country was such a mess with insurance. We are shielded as cops, I thought everyone had $5 co pays and no one ever got confusing bills explaining that the MRI was $845,000 and I still owed them $400 in postage for the thousand bills that are generated for every doctor visit. Everytime they send me something that says “This is not a bill” I laugh because most times it is.

So I priced out some options, almost threw up and gave up on the idea for a little. After a mental regroup, like I always do, I just worked it out mathematically. It’s always in the numbers. I needed X amount more dollars to make it happen. Hard but not impossible. I was going to find a way bridge that gap financially or close the gap completely.
In the meantime I researched the hell out of insurance, spoke to over 10 insurance agents and called companies until I found something that worked. So while researching I also worked to find some creative financing and ended up putting 2 real estate deals together that neither Janet and I saw coming. I literally had overlapping closings, business lines of credit, home equities and 457k loans. A lot of holding our breath but we got it done. Without initial rejection and revelation about health insurance as motivation I wouldn’t have gotten half of this done.
You can do ANYTHING in this world, you just have to work towards it relentlessly, learn from your mistakes and profit from them as well.

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