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Posted by Anthony Grosso on July 10, 2018
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Imagine you wake up every morning having everything you already want? What does that feel like, what sort of things do you have? What does your day look like?

I tell you one thing I know, you will be an unshakeable person. Your day can be spent doing things you love and giving back. This is the sweet spot I found in leaving my job. I already wake up with everything I want. Now don’t get me wrong, we aren’t even close to being rich. Of course we could always want more but when you get down to the fundamental level, bills are paid, whatever we do in our business is our own, we answer to no one and we only do things that make us happy. My days are literally spent trying to find ways to help, teach and give back. I still haven’t come to grips with the power in that.
I build my life around experiences, things are things, I never cared for the best things. What I do love is golfing in the morning, never missing a party, monthly card games, spending beautiful days poolside, doing all my work before 10am and just disappearing for the day.
When you need nothing you have everything.

Sometimes I think there is something wrong that we’re not trying to make as much as we could potentially make. Somehow without “more money” being the goal that we’re doing something wrong. Of course thats a goal, it’s just much lower on the list than usual. I really believe we’ll be ok as long as we just help people, stay happy and grow in in a way that doesn’t change our lifestyle.
You can do this in your own life now, even if you don’t like your job but you’re not ready to leave.You already have things that you would never give up for all the money in the world. Take today by focusing on those things. And make that the start of your everyday. And also let go of certain beliefs. You don’t NEED a nicer car, bigger house or more money until you learned how to appreciate & enjoy the things you already have. Otherwise when you finally get those things you’ll still won’t be happy. Once you realize the power in this more will just come naturally. I don’t know how or why it works but trust me, it works.

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