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Posted by Anthony Grosso on June 27, 2018
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At every speaking engagement for law enforcement and first responders I bring bulk copies of this book with a personal note. Hopefully it can change someone the way it changed our lives.


I didn’t know when I read this book 10 years ago that it would shape my life the way it has. This is the book that got me started with my first investment property and set off a chain of events that lead me to retire from policing 10 years early. If you read it with an open mind it will completely change your mindset on income, debt and expenses. It’s not about being a broker or even buying & selling houses. It’s about making smart financial decisions, being in control and living a life you designed. As good as I had it while being a cop, I knew I wasn’t living to my potential. Now I live a life I could have only dreamed of, educating and helping others get the financial education we were never taught in school. Real estate is just the tool I use to teach.

The biggest lesson to take away is that it’s not how much you make, it’s how you make it and how much you keep. You need to focus on creating passive income streams, because that’s the secret to having options, control and true freedom. There are people a lot smarter than me that make a ton more money than I do but by playing the game the right way I was able to create my own future.

Good luck, stay safe and hopefully this leads you on the same journey,

If you ever need someone to talk to I’m here
Anthony Grosso

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