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Posted by Anthony Grosso on June 25, 2018
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Dominate Your Life


Who am I? I’m no one you’ve ever heard about.

I’ve never skyped with Tony Robbins. Gary Vee doesn’t tweet about my blog. The only people
who’ve ever quoted me are my kids when they’re repeating something I probably shouldn’t have

I’m a middle class guy who was working a job I didn’t love because that’s what I was
always told was the safest way to retirement.

I knew in my heart that there was something better out there, so I always hustled on nights,
weekends, and days off from my regular job. I never stopped reading, I never stopped
learning, and I never stopped trying, failing, then trying again. In my hustle to try to get ahead, I
created my own system and set of rules to create the life I always wanted.

I wrote this book because I never had a “me” in my life to offer different options and motivate
me when everyone was saying to follow the crowd, work a 9-5, and just count the days till I was
65 and could “enjoy life.”

It’s funny – our parents always said, ”Just because your friends do it doesn’t mean it’s
right. If your friends jump off a bridge would you jump with them?”

Yet the life and financial advice we are given is exactly that. Go to the bridge and follow those
people jumping because that’s what everyone else is doing. As our parents begin retiring, we
begin to see that they’ve worked their whole lives, been responsible, put money into their
retirement account with every paycheck, and are still worried about having enough to live on.
That safe path wasn’t so safe after all.

I know that in their advice to take the “safe path,” my friends and family had good intentions.
They were trying to keep me from doing something as risky as starting my own business and
breaking from the norms of society. Most people think you’re nuts if you actually want to be
happy with your job and life and that you look forward to Mondays. “That’s not how it works,”
they say. “No one likes working, it’s just what you have to do.”


As I started sharing my dreams to leave the 9-5, I heard so many reasons about why I’d fail. “Most businesses fail within the first five years.” Yeah, because most people don’t know how to run a business. “You’re crazy to leave a job with a pension.” Yeah, but I’m already on track to make more money than a pension could ever give me.

The more you share your dreams, the more the nay-sayers will try to discourage you, some with good intentions and some because they’d never have the guts to do what you’re doing. I’m here to tell you that it absolutely can be done. Trust me. 

So this is the story, and continuing journey, of how and why I left a $100k police job with a stable pension and amazing benefits to teach as many people as I can how to live the life they want.

This is how I learned to dominate my life.

I’m not sure about you, but I didn’t want to live my life dreaming about the day I could retire. Life is short, and you never know when something bad happens – you could get cancer, get in a bad car accident, or have another tragic event happen and spend those “golden years” in a hospital bed, looking out the window and thinking about all you missed out on when you were stuck in the 9-5 grind for forty years.

I wanted to live my life while I’m young. I also wanted to have the money and freedom to eat dinner at 7pm, not be forced into the early bird special because I was saving my Social Security pennies for the heating bill. I wanted to be able to take a spontaneous day off to hang out with my kids, instead of getting home when they’ve already gone to bed and being too exhausted on the weekends to play with them. I wanted to have the time and money to actually enjoy my whole life, in every stage.

The path most of us follow is a solid path to mediocrity. You struggle to get through the days and weeks, watching the clock and working for the weekend. Then, you get close to when you thought you’d retire, but there’s still a mortgage to pay, college tuition to cover, and not nearly enough to live the “good life” you thought you’d have in the bank. So, you keep working and working, waiting for that elusive day when you’ll be “ready.”

I wanted to do something I never want to retire from – something that would evolve as time goes on.

This book isn’t about buying jets, making millions or owning your own private island. For me, it was about living MY life the way I wanted to. To look forward to every day and not some vague day decades in the future. If you’re not living life to your fullest potential, then you’re not living it at all.

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