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You Need a Buyers Agent

Posted by Anthony Grosso on January 5, 2018
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I can picture exactly how you’re searching for houses. You’re searching on 3 different apps, which are all giving you different information. Then when you finally want to see one of these properties, the agent doesn’t call you back or you get calls from 3 other agents trying to solicit you to be a buyers agent. I get it, I hate it myself. But don’t let these salespeople give a buyers agent a bad name. A good buyers agent will be the best thing to happen to your search.

Think of no longer having to

  1. Deal with sales pitches from agents trying to solicit you
  2. Wait for listing agents to get back to you the same day, if ever
  3. Work off unreliable data & misleading pictures
  4. Calling on houses to find they already have accepted offers

A good buyers agent will

  • Get you in to any new listing first and get your offer to the top of the pile
  • Handle all searches, scheduling and phone calls
  • Know about the market, properties and have a team of people to help if needed
  • Prevent you from overpaying or missing something major

I know you’re thinking, you don’t want to have to pay for an agent but you won’t have too since a buyer’s agent commission is paid by the seller. Or for those who think they’re going to get a better deal on their own, you’re not. When you work directly with listing agents, they work for the seller, they don’t care about your interests and if something comes up they are going to say and do what they have to to protect the seller.┬áIt’s absolutely crazy for you not to use a buyers agent.

Don’t be that person home searching for a year and then finally impulse buying and overpaying on top of it

Find someone you like, someone that’s honest(not always pressuring you to put in offers) and knowledgeable(not just a door opener) that you feel like you have a good connection with and let them do what they do. You’ll be way ahead of the competition.


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