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With over 10 years as a real estate broker and investor, Anthony Grosso has turned the traditional real estate model upside down. He has educated and helped hundreds of clients buy, sell and invest in real estate. With some humor and common sense, his blog and videos help change the way people think about debt, savings and investing.

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What are you waiting for?

There is no perfect time, there’s always going to be risk but if you’re not happy with your career and you’re not doing what you’re passionate about then what do you really have to lose? A mediocre job that you “hope” to retire from one day so you can start living your life at 65? That doesn’t sound like living to me.

This free little video may be the kick you need.

Why you need to be invested in real estate

Watch as I compare 2 investments side by side and track them through the course of time. It’s not the lack of money, time or anything else, it’s the lack of education to see the opportunities out there. There’s nothing I’ve done that can’t be done by anyone. I didn’t have a coach, I learned by doing, making mistakes and doing again. Take the first step & invest in yourself

Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials


I have personally worked with Anthony Grosso and his team as well as referred clients to them. I highly recommend that anyone looking to buy a new ho...

Michael Bocelli, Malverne


Anthony, Janet, and their team are amazing at what they do. Truly a breathe of fresh air knowing they actually care about your investment as if they w...

AC C, Malverne


Anthony was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish in our home search. From day one he was completely honest which was extremely help...

Emily Lerner, Malverne


It was a pleasure working with Anthony. He was professional throughout the process and sold my husbands house the first day he showed it. Everything h...

Lourdes Marsans, Malverne


In the crowded real estate broker field on Long Island, Anthony, and his team at Grosso Properties, stand out. I have worked personally with Anthony o...

Joseph Fusco, Malverne

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